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About Smith Graphics Inc.

Smith Graphics Inc. specializes in the fabrication and installation of
custom architectural signage. Its owner Rick Smith has been involved in
the signage industry for over twenty five years.

Smith Graphics Inc. was founded in 1991.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of
craftsmanship, quality and reliability. Through our diverse experience,
we can be counted on to provide the guidance, planning & expertise
to assure a successful project.


Our philosophy, commitment and standards are unparalleled.


What's New at Smith Graphics Inc.

Two new sizes in stock:

1. Drop-In Business Card Holder (3.5 x 2)

2. Drop-In 6 x 6 Square

3. Drop-In 8.5 X 11 Letter Holder - Vertical & Horizontal

For your convenience, Smith Graphics Inc. is now accepting major credit
cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What's Green at Smith Graphics Inc.

Smith Graphics is taking a more sustainable approach to our signage products
for corporate environments! Our patented Drop-In System has truly
revolutionized the way office signage is viewed and maintained. Ease-of-
operation, consistency in quality and sustainability are three important
features of the system's simple, yet sophisticated design and manufacturing.

Drop-In signs are designed to utilize a paper insert for signage, which greatly
reduces the need for non-sustainable materials found on some older office
signage methods, and allows the frame and lens to be re-purposed for every
update. Perforated insert paper and templates are also available in three
colors and different standard sizes, and recommended for optimal cost and
time efficiency.

What's more, Smith Graphics has been recycling many of its products and
processeslong before being 'green' became a buzzword (i.e., cardboard,
frames, lenses and paper). Our office continues to employ these efforts
by offering all correspondence, marketing materials, artwork and system
information in an electronic format, further reducing unnecessary paper
materials or shipping wastes.


US Patent and Trademarks for Smith Graphics Drop-In Nameplates.

We are pleased to announce that our patent applications for our Drop In
nameplate system have been accepted by the US Patent and Trademark
Office! We now hold Design patent D451,555 and utility patent 6,374,523.

Dealer inquires welcome!


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